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Medical Waste & Sharps Disposal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Should Have These Types of Medical Waste or Sharps Disposal Containers? In the United State any and all employers are required to. Medical waste and sharps waste is regulated by both the State and Federal governments. Any employer who generates medical waste should utilize regulatory compliant sharps disposal and destruction methods. Home self-injectors. Individuals who self-inject must properly dispose of their sharps to protect family and community members from risk of injury and infection. EPA Guidelines on proper destruction by homeowners can be found at www.epa.gov.

If My State Requires a Contract or Tracking Documentation, Can I Use Your System? Yes. The tracking document in the system will qualify as a contract for all customers, and the returned copy is the certificate of destruction. More information medical waste consult our on medical waste FAQs section We proudly offer bulk transport and treat of biohazardous waste in the following North America areas: